A Football Betting Strategy That Works

There are many people who place bets on the outcome of football matches. Only a few know how to successfully predict the outcome with any degree of certainty. Only few are lucky enough to develop a football betting strategy that can regularly bring them income. There are many ways to earn a consistent income from betting on football, but you will not find them in the easily available football betting strategies.

When you place bet on the outcome of football match, there is no sound mathematical formula can guarantee the accuracy of the outcome of the game. Any prediction of the precise outcome of the game is pure guesswork. Even most expert bettors can miss prediction of the exact outcome over 60% of the time! However, there are sound mathematical principles behind betting on football and making some profits out of it. Those principles are the reason behind betting on football and they are also the reason for making of a consistent income from betting.

There are many ways to bet on football and place bets on various matches. Some bets are on individual matches. Though some of them are flexible, most of them are based on match results or comments of other people. Though methodologies vary, the logic behind placing bets on the outcome of different matches is usually consistent.

Make sure you know enough about the team you want to bet on. Though betting on football can be based on team history, forming favorites, allowing home or away team to choose their opponent, etc, there are basics of betting on football that you should know. You have to pick a team, most probably the one you think will win. If you cannot tell the result of a particular match, you can refer to past records of player's performance on the team. Though they may be different, the earns you can get from betting in the outcome of a match are the same.

There are many bookies who offer odds for matches. Though they claim to predict the outcome of the game right there, you can never be sure if they have gone the way of making predictions correctly. As a punter you have to place bets right at the spot where you think a bookie will bet. Success in this business requires you to mix your bets well. Place some odds and some worst ones, if you have found a good bookie, you can try your luck and win a lot of money in no time.

However, be aware that the odds people bet are generally lower than the true odds. If you see 6/1 odds, the true odds in this case are 4/1, 6+1, 1, 9, 5, 6, 2, 11, 11, whereas for standard betting odds, you will see odds of 3, 11, 10, 6, 4, 5, 1, 9, 7, 4, 5, 6.

Look at the money line instead of the points line in football betting. The football betting usually offered with points and not money lines is much easier to understand. The points spread in football betting are the numbers placed beside the team with the attitude of a bettor to bet on a specific team. Losing the bet means that you have to bet more money to continue betting on the same team. The positive point is that you can get high amount of money from a small amount of bet.

Get yourself a good betting bookie that will help you to win consistently. slot deposit 30 bonus 30 on football has to be profitable to be retain its status as a profitable activity. Picking a good football bookie will help you to build a good strategy that will help you to earn your living from betting.