Are State Lotteries Illegal?

The US State of Nevada is currently in some turmoil over the question of whether or not people should be able to buy lottery tickets online. It's going to be quite difficult to tell whether or not this government overreaction is needed.

The most recent action being taken is the arrest of Victor Hugo and Costaago face two counts of conspiracy toLos Angeles lotterydouble kings. Victor Hugo, age 43, is a well-known writer and performer. He was arrested in Los Angeles and is being held without bail. Costaago, age 29, is a professional poker player.

The charges are based on the fact that the writers wrote and went to Hollywood to play the lottery using a telephone number that provided them with winning lottery numbers. Once they played the lottery, they claimed that the numbers were "phantom" and that the forged tickets were never exchanged for cash. However, the charges that Mr. Hugo and Mr. Costaago face seek not just money laundering but fraudulent conspiracy, attempt to escape depositing and receiving money, wire fraud and conspiracy to commit murder. This means that if found guilty, Mr. Hugo and Mr. Costaago could go to jail for a number of years.

The majority of lottery players probably feel that the arrest of these two individuals is overblown. Even though the circumstances are not yet definite, it is fortunate that the California Lottery Commission was able to arrest these people and hold them without bail. Oneaga County Circuit Court Judge Francis Kearney Jr. certified the warrants to the FBI so the agency could assist in the arrest.

Most people are confident that the two suspects would turn themselves in after their arrest. However, this is not likely since the amount of money at stake is so high. Most people with wealth and power find ways to protect themselves and their secrets.

OLIVEreads is a good way to keep yourself separated from the masses and keeping yourself out of the grasp of the government. It is interesting to know that the majority of those who are arrested or facing legal process are never charged with a crime. It is simply a matter of good publicity, reputation and keeping yourself out of the public's sight.

Keeping yourself secret is one of the methods used by organized crime. It never had to be mentioned, but the majority of the banking industry is controlled by the very crime it is trying to prevent. Most people are aware of the dangers of speculating with their money in Syndicated Gaming, but the majority of people get greedier with their money. The majority of arrested lottery players were never charged with a crime other than trying to profit from a educational system that is designed to give the public a "Pengeluaran SGP hari ini."

The whole system is designed to separate you from your money. Gamblers are told that they can withdraw their winnings at any time, but regular people are restricted to a set number of dollars each week. As far back as the history of lottery tickets goes, there has always been a small percentage of winners that repeatedly fail to pay their winning tickets back. Why should anyone be against taking money from those who are taking it from you?

Why should anyone be against taking money from those who are taking it from you?