How to Beat the Dealer

Have you ever wanted to learn how to beat the dealer? Maybe you are a card shark who feels like ripping the Future but is just having trouble reading the code. Either way, the cards just don't matter. You should be able to buy your way out by just paying your rake, so you better learn how to beat the dealer. How to beat the dealer is a simple card counting technique that can be learned in just a few minutes.

If you want to learn how to beat the dealer, then read the following short stack strategy. This quick little secret will teach you everything you need to know on how to overcome short stack aggression.

How to Beat the Dealer Using the Hi-Lo Card Counting System

The first thing you need to know is what all the cards in the deck are worth. The face cards are just worth their numbers, with Ace being the highest and two through ten the lowest. Ace is considered the strongest card because its numerical value begins at 1 instead of 10. Therefore, if the dealer has a high card, then the value of the card is going to end right there. Short stacked players should not play when the dealer has an Ace because the dealer is more likely to go bust because of the high cards.

The dealer has to hit at an unparticular time and have certain cards in reach to beat the dealer. The high cards are more likely to bust the dealer because the dealer is more likely to go over 21. The value of the cards that the dealer has is also good compared to other cards. The ace, ace, and ace are each worth 1 or 11, cards two through nine are worth 10 each, and the number 10 itself is valued as 11. The reason that the ace is the highest card is because it is the most likely card to be dealt.

The hey, there's no sense in rushing into playing when the dealer has an ace, ace, and a lot of other high cards. Take your time and wait for a less popular time. Trust me, everyone is taking their time at the poker table, especially when someone is making a big raise or everyone is getting a flush card. Everyone wants that flush. Wait for a less popular time. I just want everyone to get it over with so I can get my money in.

If the dealer has a weak hand, they'll keep trying to get players to believe their hands are stronger. They want you to match your bet to stay in the game. They also know that players will keep hitting their hands and they don't want that to discourage them from keeping trying. The dealers are hoping that players will keep hitting so that they don't have to hit, which means they won't have to pay out at all. They ideally would like to have a pair of tens or a better hand so they don't have to worry about paying out.

On the other hand, the worst hand would be a pair of threes. Even if the dealer has to hit the QQdewa will have a good chance of beating your hand. So, the best possible hand is to count the number of decks left before making any move. That will give you an idea of how many dealers remaining in the shoe and how many tens need to appear before you know if you can move all in.

The initial fail of the Hi Lo Card Counting system can be translated into simple common sense. Only try this system if you have tried one winning method for blackjack and you know what to do with whatever cards you are dealt. Card counting is the skill that really separates the pros from the amateurs. This system is also available as an easy to learn DVD.