Are Monday Night Football Picks Good Advice?

Monday Night Football Picks is the main event weekly selection event for The Sports Betting Guide which features a panel of top industry experts to provide Las Vegas and online sports bettors with their expert opinion on the handicapping and betting matchup for this week's game. The process has been going on since the mid 1990s and is currently seen as a precursor to the weekly Impact Player, featuring handicappers like The Greek, GameOUNT and traveled as far ahead as 12 weeks prior to the games that will decide the championship. The MP3cast is available for unlimited listening on internet stations such as stations located inside Nevada, public service radio in Las Vegas and satellites available for those located out of station.

The Managing Director of The Greek, John Bradley, has made a bet on the first game of the NFL preseason: "It's a done deal," begins Mr. Bradley. Those are smart words for a local syndicate which has been really good at picking NFL games and has accumulated a track record of 32-1 over the years (including 17-1 last year). The MP3cast also offers a season package which includes the daily radio show from 8am to 11pm (Remipoker) and a daily email in-play blog where members participate in the daily chat room.

The email email list is open to all members and it is advised that you join all the services offered in one place. Listed below, you will find the full line up of everything available from sports handicapping to football picks and more.

World's Best Sports Handicappers:

The Greek is your one stop for all your sports related betting needs. They have over 25 years of experience in the industry and host the only sports betting radio show in Las Vegas all three days of the week. Managing partner TroyesteadBeaufort and himself travel the country expounding on all the hot points in sports betting.

John Spreizter is a Betting Consultant which bills itself as the globally recognized authority on sports betting. Spreizter has been personally involved in betting and heads up sports booking for the World Poker Tour.

Beauforts Sports is another sports booking service that is well known for being the first to go into bookmaking and then going on to become the most well known and perhaps the most controversial betting service.

Sports IS Money is a bookmaking agency that holds an international betting license and has been widely involved in sports events betting.

Another bookmaker close to the Las Vegas scene is therisports betting service. Although the company is based in Canada, you can still place wagers online using their online payment system.

Bookmaker Sports Internationalis a private agency located in Kahnawake situated on the Southside of New Providence, Westshore, Canada.

Further a bookmaker by the name of Collectiva Secretana issued lines totalling 26 victories in 2006.

The lines were a remarkable 21 runs in the NHL and NBA, and 28 in the NFL and College football. The agency has ties with the NBA and NFL and was even involved in the playoff process in the previous two seasons. Supposedly, every week, Secretana has a line of 16 to 20 wins. How they go about that is anyone's guess, but the fact that they have the team option would lead one to believe they have a sense or are using psychology.

It goes without saying that there will always be sharp players, some of which may even be pointed at others and say "See, I knew you were going to lose that", but for the most part, most people simply aren't concerned with what they are actually wagering on. If they see someone have a marginally better looking line than them, they are more likely to call that person a friend and bet on that person's team. The sharp betting competition has made this possible for the sharp betters to bleed off customers over the years. However, the ignorance of the average bettor makes it all worthwhile.

In summary, there are many gambling services on the internet and you will always have many options. However, the ones that are most often chosen are those that are known to be professionals and trustworthy, and those that offer the best value for your money. Then, you need to also decide which bill should be paid once your money is in the account, although you might think this is an unnecessary expense, but in fact, it is quite possible to make a good bet in order to save a bet or make a chat line call to get a better line and save juice.